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our team

Zion is served by a dedicated ministry team. Everyone who works in ministry and in the office at Zion is dedicated to serving Jesus and equipping others to use their gifts to be disciples of Jesus.

  • Pastor Josh Schunk

    Pastor Josh came to Zion in August of 2017. His passion is to connect the Bible to people's lives today using the Lutheran confessions. Before coming to Zion, Pastor Josh served churches in Gwinner and Fargo, North Dakota.

  • flo bormann

    Flo is in charge of the church office. She knows the answer to almost every question, and as Pastor Josh says, "She runs the place." If you need a listening ear or need to be cheered up, Flo is the one to call!

  • kathy hintz

    Kathy serves as the financial secretary at Zion. She is in charge of keeping the books. If you have any questions about your giving statement or any other "money" questions, please give Kathy a call.

  • Pastor kent leydens

    Pastor Kent joined the staff at Zion in 2018. He serves as a part-time pastor at Zion and at Christ United Presbyterian Church in Oelwein. Before coming to Oelwein, Pastor Kent served churches in California, New Mexico and Virginia.